Three Issues to Consider When Buying a New York or New Jersey Business

1185795_59504811.jpgFor some aspiring entrepreneurs, buying an existing business may be preferable to starting a new business from the ground up. Buying a business offers the advantage of an established brand and customer base, an existing income stream, and the opportunity to jump directly into business operations. It can be a risky process, though, so an understanding of the risks and potential pitfalls of buying a business is essential. Our experience as business attorneys has shown us many important issues for a prospective buyer to consider. Here are three of them:

Determining a Sales Price

A business’ sales price is based on a wide array of factors that are unique to each business. In simple accounting terms, the value of a business’ total assets, minus its total liabilities, is its net worth. Assets like equipment and accounts receivable are usually offset by liabilities such as outstanding debt on a capital asset. Every business should maintain an accounting of its assets and liabilities to establish net worth, but a sales price may also reflect intangible factors like business goodwill and intellectual property.

Annual profits play a major role in establishing a sales price, as well as expected profitability. A business may have liabilities peculiar to its market or location, or it may have particular legal obligations based on environmental or other types of regulations. A seller must disclose any unusual liabilities, as they can significantly impact the value, and even the viability, of a business.

Taking Over the Lease

Despite the rise of internet- and home-based jobs, most businesses still require a “brick and mortar” location. Unless a business owns the land or building where it operates, it must lease commercial space. Most commercial leases require a landlord’s approval to substitute a new business owner, a process known as assignment of a lease. As a condition of an assignment, a landlord may want documentation of the buyer’s financial responsibility, or some other assurance that the buyer is capable of making rent payments without interruption. Obtaining a properly-executed lease assignment is critical for a prospective business owner, since a failure to do so could constitute a breach of the seller’s lease agreement. This could then entitle the landlord to evict the business.

Trademarks and Other Intellectual Property

Every business relies on a brand name or trade name to distinguish itself from its competitors. The strength of a brand, and the goodwill it engenders, might be a key part of a business’ attractiveness to a buyer. A buyer must therefore make certain, when negotiating the terms of a purchase, that all rights to a business’ name, logo, promotional campaigns or materials, and any slogans or mottos are included among the assets. If a business has registered trademarks or copyrights with the government for any of its intellectual property, a buyer will need to obtain a transfer of rights from the seller to ensure the right of continued use. A seller should also disclose any other people or businesses who may have or claim rights in any intellectual property used by the business.

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